Eviction: uncontested residential eviction from $531.15 flat fee ($531.15 Flat Fee eviction: includes attorney's fee, court filing fee, two summons, service of process for up to two tenants, $90.00 for Sheriff, for writ of possession if required, for an uncontested, nongovernmental, residential eviction for nonpayment of rent).

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$531.15 for residential eviction

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We offer effective and aggressive representation in your eviction process. The Law Office of John Karl Schwartz, Jr. offers evictions services for $531.15 includes attorney fees, filing fee, up to two summons, service of process for up to two tenants, Sheriff's fee for writ of possession, up to $90.00 if required for uncontested, non-governmental residential evictions for non-payment of rent. Orange, Osceola, and Polk, Florida.

You are the owner, let us help you to get possession of your investment. Orlando Eviction Services attorney fees $531.15  

Orange, Osceola, and Polk County, Florida

Eviction services for uncontested, non-governmental residential eviction for non-payment of rent, possession only: $531.15 attorney fees court costs, service of process and sheriffs' fees if required.  

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$531.15 Flat Fee Eviction