$580 Eviction: includes attorney's fee, filing fee, service of process (up to 2 tenants), stamps, envelopes, copies 

Florida Bar Number:     970905

California Bar Number: 152157

For uncontested, Non-Governmental ​​​Residential Evictions for possession only



Representing Property Owners, Landlords, Motels and Management Companies with their Evictions

in Osceola County Florida

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John Karl Schwartz, Jr


Fees and Costs for a typical uncontested, non-governmental residential Eviction are: $580.00

This amount includes:

1.  Filing fees

2. Service of Process for up to two tenants

3. Drafting the complaint for eviction (possession only)

4. Drafting the 5 day summons

5. Drafting the Civil Cover Sheet

6, Drafting a Certificate of Mailing

7. Drafting a Non-Military Affidavit for up to two Tenants

8. Filing with the Court: complaint for eviction, civil cover sheet, certificate of mailing and Non-Military Affidavits

9. Drafting a motion for clerk's default and filing sime with the court.

10: Drafting a proposed clerk's default 

11. Drafting a motion for judgment for possession and filing with the court

12. Drafting a proposed judgment for possession for tenant removal

A Writ of Possession is NOT included in the $580.00.00 price.

Charges for a Writ of Possession:  $150.00

If the tenant answers the complaint or a court hearing or mediation is required, it is no longer an uncontested eviction and there will be an additional charge of $450.00. The $450.00 includes up to one hearing or mediation. There will be an additional $450.00 charge for each additional hearing or mediation, if required. 

My office can also prepare your notice to pay or vacate and have it delivered to the tenant's address for a fee of $90.00